Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - the Secret File

Action 1999 Windows Epic Megagames Cartoon Platformer

Jazz Jackrabbit addon

The game is basically an enhanced or an addition to the very well-known game Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It is basically a side scrolling and a horizontal shooter action game which takes it predecessor one step further in terms of the new level that it gives. The shooting action in this game is very much the same as in the original version but there are three zones that they have incorporated. Each of the zones features 3 other distinct stages where you have different enemies to counter and different items to collect. The level designs are very unique and distinctive which adds a good variety to this small but exciting game. You also have the option to save the game. A new character in the game is Jazz's sister but she is not fun. The graphics like the previous one are cartoonish but are well designed and smooth. The game does not give you much in terms of the levels because they are only 9 in total. The gameplay is almost the same as we saw in the original one. Those who have played the original one will only find it as an add-on but the ones who have not played the original must go for it first.

Platform game expansion pack

The Secret Files is nothing more than an expansion for the beloved platform video game, Jazz Jackrabbit 2. This is just a small expansion pack, because it offers less, but that less isn't worthless at all. The pack brings forth a new episode named The Secret Files, with three zones, each zone consisting of three levels. So, that's basically 9 new levels. Another addition that this pack has to offer is the inclusion of a new character: Jazz's sister, Lori. To be honest, Lori doesn't seem like a character that you'd wanna to play as. She's just a more poor version of Jazz, lacking abilities to distinguish her from the other two characters. I found some bugs in this expansion pack and is one of the most annoying ones: getting stuck in walls. Unless you're the type of gamer to save often, you might get annoyed by this bug and would definitively ruin your gaming experience.

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