Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare 1995

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Embracing the winter!

Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare 1995 is not the only game to embrace a winterish theme in order to sell a few more copies; however, that was a thing that was common for platformers and even action puzzlers (see the winterish Lemmings!) back in the day, and in all honesty, it was pretty cool and interesting. With this game, you basically get a classic fast tempo, Jazz Jackrabbit game, however, the levels have gotten a bit of a makeover to channel that winter spirit, via cool additions that suggest a winter coat of snow and so on. Otherwise, there is no such thing as a total change of the game mechanics; it's just a graphical adaptation and update, with nothing more to it. However, the gameplay, fas than many other sidescrollers, that reminds of Sonic, will satisfy all those that love to go fast, never mind each little thing in the level, but go cannonball style through the level and just get the coins! Other than that, later in the game, there are a few new levels, but they also don't change the game too much; so, overall, it plays great, if even if it doesn't change things up for goo. Still have it in your collection, for when winter comes!

Jingle Jazz, jingle Jazz, jingle all the way..

Jazz Jackrabbit has been my favorite side-scroller game ever since I was a kid and it's not strange that the game became so popular in its day - it had fabulous gameplay, speed-of-lightning animation as well as cool sound effects. Holiday Hare is a kind of a Christmas version of the game, and it's actually pretty fun. So, this is the same Jazz game, only with a Christmas theme. It would be funny to think of Jazz in a modified Santa Suit, wouldn't it? The surroundings are all covered in snow and the design of the rest of the game looks like Christmas is tomorrow. There are popsicles, Christmas trees, lights and even the music is all festive! Other than that, the game is the same good ol' Jazz. We have the same speedy gameplay, tons of dangerous enemies and cool weapons, fun times and great challenge. The graphics are on par with the 1995 edition since this "Holiday Jazz" is actually an addition to the original Jazz Jackrabbit. If you like Jazz and are in a festive mood, get this cool version of your favorite game!

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