Action 2000 Windows 1C Company Third Person Futuristic Shooter Adventure Tpp Strategy Sci fi

Original and evocative sci-fi shooter

Anyone looking for a unique and innovative gaming experience should definitely check out Evolva as it offers plenty of thoughtful action and strategy and is backed up by excellent graphics. The Evolva of the title is a squad of four Genohunters, killers who can alter their genetic makeup by absorbing the DNA of those they hunt. As controlled by the player, they are attempting to rid a planet of a world-eating parasite, which involves hunting down the creatures which guard the planet. Once a creature is killed, the player can choose to absorb its abilities, making the Genohunters faster, more powerful or giving them access to new abilities and weapons. Gameplay is presented via a third-person perspective and sees the player exploring 12 large levels, each with distinct missions to be completed. These typically involve your squad working together, but sometimes needs you to split them in order to achieve objectives. The AI and command system are highly effective, so it is easy enough to control your fellow hunters, and you can be confident that they will carry out your orders to the letter. Evolva features combat action which is slightly slower paced than typical shooters, but is no worse for this and the extra thought which goes into a battle makes it that much more rewarding. The game's graphics are highly impressive, with a detailed, organic feel to the environments and aliens, which makes the world believable and realistic. There are a number of slick visual effects too, showcasing the hunters' genetic upgrades and which add to the polished feel of the game. As a shooter, Evolva really is something to be relished, with its unusual visuals and engrossing gameplay making it stand out from the usual crowd of action games. Recommended.

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