Shadow Man

Action 1999 Windows Acclaim Horror Third Person Adventure

Meet the afterlife

Shadow Man is an action game released in 1999 by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. The story has a horror theme, presenting a character named Shadow Man that can embrace both the living and the dead world. But his purpose is benevolent, because he must prevent a total armageddon of which 5 serial killer would be responsible. Being into the living world, you are a mortal man that uses normal weapons, but into the other world you return as Shadow Man. The world of the dead is full of zombies, monstrous and ugly creatures, being dominated by a scary ambiance. As an immortal being, you will use weapons that shoot ghosts. The view is from a third-person perspective, and you will always wonder what is behind every corner, what hides in the darkness, so the action is pretty captivating. Well, beside this good thing, I, personally, found the enemies boring, as if they were taking out the challenge and the fun from the battles. There many various weapons you can find, since you are allowed to explore a lot. The real entertainment stays in the fact you can remain alive, even if you die in another world. The sounstrack is gothic and fits perfectly with the creepy background. One of the aspects that make this game worth playing are the graphics, offering you a voodoo adventure. There are a lot of details in the visuals, combined with themed objects. Meet the afterlife,and be amazed!

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