Bolo Ball

Puzzle 1992 Dos Soleau Software Math or logic Arcade style

An abstract, find the trajectory type game

Bolo Ball is a game which asks of you to guide a ball to a precise position (marked by the number of grid positions it is required to traverse) making use of the many orientation signs included on the grid. Unlike a pool simulator, the game does not make use of physics, being a much more abstract type game. You will control a player character who will launch the projectile/ball from the position where you find it appropriate. Thus, you have to be able to mentally draw the trajectory of the ball correctly using the blue tiles to see where the ball will land. At another even deeper strategic level, you will have to decide the order in which you launch the balls, since every time you hit a blue marker it changes its direction in the opposing direction, thus either blocking your next move or making it accessible, depending on the way you organized each ball launch. Anyway, while it might sound complicated, it is fun after you've understood the rules and steps to take. The only problem you might have with the game would have to do with the very saturated colors chosen to represent the tiles, especially the blue ones, which can be headache inducing, unfortunately. But, for a few short matches, that won't be so much of a problem anymore. At any rate Bolo Ball is an overall novel and still relatively playable game, mainly for puzzler fans.

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