Ball Game

Puzzle 1991 Dos Electronic Zoo Brainteaser

A remix of Go, but sufficiently different to be its own thing

The rule set of this digital board game will definitely remind you of Go; you have to conquer the adversaries' army of different color bubbles; you do that by moving a piece on step forward, when you do that you basically change the color of the adjacent balls to yours. You can also perform a jump attack, in which you move your ball by jumping over one square. At that point, you're going to convert all the surrounding balls to your color. And thus you will get to convert the entire of the enemies balls to your color, but you expose your flank too; so it's a game of rapid conquest, with loads of possibilities to make your army vulnerable, or a slower pace conquering that is less damaging but may allow your enemy to take advantage of you slower speed of getting new balls to your color. Graphically, Ball Game is pretty nice, delivered in a diamond shape isometric look at the table, and with basic colors. But it looks nice, anyways. So, if you want a Go variation, download this game, it will surely deliver!

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