Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox New World Computing Platformer Hop and bop

Platforming in the prehistoric ages! Well done

Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja is a cool, kids oriented game, featuring two cavemen like protagonists, Joe and Mac, both of them good at two things; clubbing their way around and jumping! But guess what, that is all it takes to traverse the dangerous sidescrolling planes of this game, planes delivered in sweet 8/16bit looking graphics, and created to perfection to offer you a really beautiful experience. So, overall, Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja is really a nice game, well produced, really diverse in terms of levels, graphically, and simple to learn and play. It's not a challenge oriented game, to be fair; for the most part the two protagonists will face the same kind of perils, but they are armed and on the way new weapons will be uncovered. Of course, the story of the game is about these two nincompoops managing to rescue some prehistoric ladies from the clutches of another tribe, but getting there is really fun! So, if you like Flintstones like characters and worlds, in Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja you are definitely going to get your fix of those. It's sure worth it, and the game has all it takes to keep you entertained, if you don't look for some masterpiece.

We cavemen! Where be our girls?

Caveman Ninja is a very fun platform game that heavily reminds me of the Prehistorik game series in terms of both gameplay and story. So, we see the game from the view points of two cave men - Joe and Mac - that got their women kidnapped to a place far away. Not letting anybody mess with them, Joe and Mac have vowed to get the girls back in any way possible. Having made that decision, they have ventured of a journey of their life time, full with dangers such as bees, giant plants, dinosaurs and everything and anything else that moves. They start equipped with only simple stone axes but as the game progresses, they find lots of other cooler and more effective weapons, while their enemies get even stronger. The game is very addictive and oozes with a sort of charm - tho cavemen in the pursuit of their loved ones! - which will win anyone over withing minutes. Since the game is very light and wacky, I would especially recommend the game for children who love seeing dinosaurs and smashing things in-game. The graphics are much better than the games from the era which improves the gaming experience tremendously. If you choose to play the Cavemen Ninja, get ready for a very nice time for hours to come!

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