Jill of The Jungle 3

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Epic MegaGames Platformer Hop and bop Puzzle based

Jills third robust arcade adventure

For those that loved the feel of the Epic Mega Games platformers, with their rather stiff character animations and their blocky level construction, Jill of The Jungle 3, along with the other 2 precursors, will provide a fun filled experience. What the game doesn't really do, however, is move the recipe into a new direction, so it's more of the same. More platforming, more enemies, more wacky sets. In a way, the level construction of previous Jill of The Jungle games was more static, leading you to believe that the developers wanted to create a real world feel with their designs. In this game however, wacky moving platforms, a move towards exploring elevation play and other such elements make the game feel more abstract. And, also, more hard to tackle, rather requiring a level of concentration, of timing and of more precise overall control more needed. So, if you want to try a hardcore platformer Jill of The Jungle 3 is one of the best on the DOS and one that remains playable, as long as you're in for the challenge, to this day.

Finger gaming?

An interesting game from Epic. Always fun and always exciting, be prepared to keep your fingers moving! The action nevert stays on one kind of screen, either, be prepared for differing kinds of thinking and moving. Epic Megagames did fascinating and action filled games like this before leaving this kind of game behind and it's a shame. This one is a scrolling and moving keeper!

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