Jill of The Jungle 2

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Epic Megagames Platformer Hop and bop Puzzle based

Simple yet sprawling platformer, just like the original

Jill of the Jungle was one of the first platformers for DOS to feature a female protagonist, Jill, a Tarzan like character who has to negotiate her way through all sort of jungle environments. The game offers you lots of platforming, lots of shooting as well as a few puzzles along the way, most of which will be nothing more than key hunts, or other artifact retrieval and usage. Nevertheless, the game, which was produced by Epic Megagames and had a free episode (it was the era of freeware games distribution) made it on the PCs of a lot of people and while not the best platformer in terms of contents or polish, it amassed quite a following. At any rate Jill of the Jungle 2 didn't mess with the recipe almost to no extent, and while some might argue that the graphics were a bit better, what I found what that they looked pretty much the same, following the same style. The game maybe had a more girl oriented color palette, with environments that made use of more magentas, pinks and so on. For a more masculine like adventure very much in the same style (built on the same engine, featuring the same animations and even some common tilesets) you might also want to give the Xargon series a go, though Jill of the Jungle, 1 and 2 were far better gameplay wise and world size wise.v

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