Yogho Yogho

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Euphoria Platformer Hop and bop

Yogurt platformiing = fun

This bizarre little game falls into the same category as things like Cool Spot, McDonald Land and Pushover. The connection? They're all games which feature some kind of licensed tie-in, which in this case is a Dutch yogurt drink. Like the aforementioned titles, this one isn't actually too bad (OK, maybe not the McDonald's one) and is certainly better than the Domino's game which someone thought was a good idea but which really wasn't. Here, you take the role of a young lad who is a fan of the titular drink and who must venture through a series of colorful worlds and complete various objectives. These invariably revolve around finding certain objects and then bringing them to a specific person and include things like finding some lost spots from a cow and retrieving the key to a cell which holds your grandmother who was kidnapped by Dracula and with the key in the hands of a flying pig. As you might expect, this isn't a game which takes itself too seriously and instead offers some pleasingly surreal platforming fun which is actually worth adding to your collection. The game is instantly appealing thanks to its rather lovely visuals. There's a great use of color, with the sprites and environments really popping off the screen, while the character and background work is very well done, with a lot of personality and charm on display. The gameplay itself is nothing radically new but it's slickly implemented, with tight controls, a good sense of exploration which requires a bit of roaming around, and a respectable level of challenge. All in all, a good, solid bit of entertainment.

Bright, colorful and fun

Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go. Who needs flashy graphics and tons of various options when we have simple, yet addictive games like this one? I mean, Donkey Kong or Super Mario were extremely simple games and still remain as one of the highest selling and most popular games even 30 years later. Yogho Yogho will definitely appeal the most to smaller children for its vibrant and colorful graphics and easy to learn, yet hard to master gameplay. There's not much to tell regarding gameplay - it's a typical platformer. Get from one platform to another, collect various items and get to the end of the level by destroying your enemies and avoiding other obstacles - the recipe is good and proven and the game definitely follows the old "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" strategy. The game itself is very fun, very interesting and highly entertaining. The great graphics are only the cherry on top. Seriously, not often did I see such beautiful colors and nice visuals from a game that old. Players of all sizes and ages - check this game out! You will definitely be thanking me later.

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