The Journeyman Project: Turbo!

Adventure 1994 Dos Presto Studios Science Fiction Multimedia novel Puzzle Indie Fpp Casual

Go back in time in this fun movie adventure

The Journeyman Project is not your regular adventure game. No, it is built on the same principle as the games of the Laserdisc games , that is, the action is quick time event interaction mostly, while the graphics are filmed previously to the game. The future is where the game starts, but as you go on, you will go back in time. In 2175, the unified world is threatened by this exact power to time travel. However, the fight cannot be avoided. And so, you will go back to all sort of locations where Myst like exploration will be entwined with QTEs. Furthermore, the game will bring you a lot of diverse stories to sink into but... The problem with the game is that the audio, especially the narration and the dialogues are quite low standard. So are many of the game's locations, which feel cheap and unappealing even for a 99 game, so, how you'll find this game is quite easy to predict. Besides, with limited interactivity the entire onset of options is furthermore reduced and boredom will install very soon after you give the game a try. You've been warned!

Not impressive

The Journeyman Project: Turbo! is a science fiction adventure game released in 1994 by Presto Studios, a company with creative and high-skilled employees. The action takes place in the future, when the mankind is at peace and this led to a global development. The first time machine is built, but this apparently good intention is considered a dangerous one, so this creation becomes guarded. This measure is taken in order to protect the history and the abuse of using the machine. You play the Agent 5, of the Temporal Security Annex (TSA) and your primary objective is to track the intruder who changed the history, along with restoring the past. The adventure is presented in a first person view, and once you get used with the complex interface, you will be able to play easier. I say this because the interface is kind of difficult to understand. Also, the tiny viewscreen is annoying and it restraints the player from a wide freedom of perception. The animations are smooth, well-detailed, so are the graphics, but not impressive. It is frustrating to die a lot in an adventure game, and unfortunately, The Journeyman Project: Turbo! is one of them. The score is affected by the player's behaviour. For example, the "Ghandi" bonus is offered if you act nonviolently. I've had the impression that the puzzles didn't relate to the story and didn't fit properly to it. Well, good luck with that.

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