In Cold Blood

Adventure 2000 Windows Buka Entertainment Science Fiction Multimedia novel Point and click Tpp Stealth

A very exciting thriller game

If you like complex, intruiging and detailed adventure games, this game may interest you. From the creators of the Broken Sword game series, we have a very good thriller adventure game that puts you in the role of a James Bond like character John Cord, a British secret agent on ten various missions full of political intrigue, action, adventure and more. There are a lot side characters, each with their own story and very personalized. The game is not that much about puzzle solving as it is about stealth and strategic planning. You have a simple handgun and not a lot bullets, so just shooting around until everyone is dead may not always be the smartest idea. This makes the game a lot harder, because there is just one of you, and a LOT of them. And they are all heavily armed. The gameplay is easy to figure out and the interface is user friendly and very good looking. The 3D graphics are detailed and rich, and the animation is very good. This game will probably be a test of patience, because a lot of the time you will be sneaking and hiding to to your job right, so choose wisely if you're up for that. If you like games that are more direct, play a game from the Tomb Raider series and if you liked this kind of game, give Thief a try.

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