Game Over 2

Arcade 1987 Dos Dinamic Multimedia Platformer Futuristic Single screen

Platforming and horizontal shooting; decent

Game Over 2 is an action blend that puts both platforming as well as horizontal shooting in the same pitcher and goes with it. Furthermore, the game really goes on to create a unique, well balanced combination of these gameplay ideas; when you think you've had enough of hopping, jumping platforms and defusing traps, you get to soar in the sky and shoot from there. Now, theme wise, the game looks like a futuristic, Sci Fi combining steam punk, mechanoid creatures and building with Egyptian art; it is a competent, cool blend, that has a very strong visual impact. Also, what the game does great is offer you a cool action build, based on phases; basically the six levels are partitioned in 4 different gameplay stages, combining the platforming and the space shooting in one, and creating a very nice feel. Sure, even if you'll restart a lot, the game still is finished very soon; but given the quality of the stages, I don't think anyone will find fault with that. So, overall, it's a cool mix of elements. Worth playing, for sure. Else, download R Type, for a really hard horizontal space shooter and Super Mario for a king of the sidescrolling hill!

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