Crusader No Regret

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Military Isometric Combat Sci fi

Great top down isometric shooter

In terms of story Crusader No Regret is very close related to its brother, Crusader No Remorse, a game whose story is continued very closely by this one. As that one ends, the story continues no more or less than 26 hours after. However, don't expect some epic story to emerge from this one. Just like the original, this is a game more concerned with action and shooting than with narratives that are out of bounds. Thus, The story only helps to blend the missions, and in that it does a good job, yet you can't say that this is anything but a war story. Graphics wise, Crusader No Regret looks similar to the older game in the series, with no apparent update. But it controls easily, and it's very much a fun game, the kind that the mid 90s were teeming with. Only that this one is one of the better ones. It's also0 a diverse game, so if you were let down by the first one, this one might pay that debt! Play them both, as far as action games go, these are pretty well done, both of them, with the second one having a better overall design.

You will love the action

Being a sequel to Crusader No Remorse, the plot in the game starts right after from where it ended and you have the same mission to conquer and the same hero to control. For those who have not yet tried the previous version, it is an action game where you mission will be to go on the moon to help the local resistance against the WEC. The game is though quite old but has a lot to fascinate even the young gamers of today. Starting with the options in the game, you have variety of missions which have their distinct dynamics and scenarios which have been designed with a lot of creativity. I loved the way the controls work allowing you to flow instantly into the action and jump out of it. The screen is not a scrolling one and loads in real time. The graphics that the developer has designed are well exceeding their time and are very smooth for the action that it features. The music is also very creative and realistic and is well with the action theme. The only thing lacking in the game is that the levels are only 10 but the amazing gameplay and the good graphics make it a very good sequel.

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