Puzzle 1994 Dos SM spellen Arcade style Strategic scope

Maze and minesweeper type puzzler

In Kaas you are given a number of different boards in which you have to make sure you don't trigger the hidden bombs. However, unlike Minesweeper you need to navigate the maze and to find your way through it as if you were disarming these bombs. Yes, the game is rather interesting in this aspect, because you can't really know for sure where the bombs are, but, also, you need to stay clear of the holes in the tiling. So, ultimately, the game has a unique playing style, though it steals a lot of elements from games such as Minesweeper or some other tile based games with obstacles. In terms of difficulty this can vary, according to the level you are playing in, but make no mistake, as the levels progress it does get tough. Yes, this is not an easy to play game, but for what it's worth, it manages to capture your attention and to hook you in. he graphics could have been a little better, but, frankly, given the puzzler nature of the game this is not a problem, no, not really. You'll get used to it in no time.

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