Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Pack Media Company Arcade style Strategic scope

Looks simple but it will bake your noodle for good!

Not only is Elements a challenging puzzle game, it also manages the task of being both hard and really fun to play, really enticing, which at least for me is something that few purebreed puzzles manage to do. So what is so special about it, you'll ask? Well, here's the premise. You control a dot character in a maze. Every move consumes a certain amount of energy and your energy meter is limited. Thus, you won't be able to reach the final destination unless you recharge on your, which is done by collecting the batteries scattered through the maze. However, that's not the only catch, there are also different types of areas within the maze, which further increases the difficulty of navigating it, as they ask you to traverse them in a certain manner only. So that's te game basically, a math quiz delivered through labyrinth type gameplay, and also a minimalist economic sim in disguise. Hard, but certainly worth for genuine lovers of puzzle games! Alternatively, I think Cochese can be a great one, this one seems to be a bit tamer on beginner or intermediate puzzle gamers.

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