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An addictive racing game

Kart racing has served a good theme for racing games because many gamers love this sports to the extent of PC games. This game is though old school and is not that much diverse in terms of the variety or the gameplay, but is still very addictive and is also a lot of fun. The game supports different animie characters which have been designed very well. Despite the lack of diversity, the designing and the graphics in the game are very good because you will find a good variety of some very attractive animations and all the animations are very smooth and clear. The graphics are though cartoon style but they are on purpose because the game has a fun theme and because of being based on pleasant looking animie characters. The gameplay is very good to provide you a lot of fun for many hours and will not let you bore at any stage. You will find a split screen action and two player option has also been incorporated so that you can race with your friends. The racing tracks are very colorful and creative and the A1 for the single player mode is very challenging. You have the same depth of features in this one as you can see in BC Racers which is also an old school classic racing game.

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