Eat My Dust

Racing 1997 Windows Sierra On-Line City race Challenges Go Kart

Racer with cartoonish graphics and vehicles

If you love the Wacky Races cartoons and find that graphical style interesting or fun, then Eat My Dust will definitely be a game you might consider giving a try. Eat My Dust is a 3D racer with a very nicely stylized set of vehicles, while the circuits have the same stylization as well. Unfortunately, while the game stands its ground graphically, it doesn't really shine in terms of gameplay. The vehicles not only don't sport different behaviors, but they are so poorly executed from a physics point of view, so much so that playing the game is almost impossible. You might think that you have the space to overtake another vehicle, but you might not know that the box simulating your vehicle is actually larger than your vehicle; this leads to all sorts of weird collision detection issues. Say that you happen upon a vehicle that doesn't have that issue, (all have the issue, more or less, unfortunately) well, you might think you've hit the jackpot! Were it not for the spring like manner in which the other race cars follow you. Nope, this isn't a fair racer, not at all, your opponents will not race faster because they're faster than you, nope, they'll be faster because they cheat. And that is the tipping point for me. I mean, there are many not so serious racers out there that at least take the racing bit, the mechanics, seriously. And so, with this issue, in mind, I say, forget about Eat My Dust, and go for Super Karts or Re-Volt, one of the nicest RC based driving games out there.

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