Rush Hour

Racing 1997 Windows Nihon Humorous Challenges

Nice and attractive

Rush hour is a fun arcade racing game (like Big Red Racing) that is great for beginners in the racing game franchise and a nice way to spend and afternoon or two. In a top down perspective, you race with 2 types of car of your choice over 8 various tracks that are set in various locations, from the country to cities. There are 8 cars to select from and 4 others that can be unlocked if you win enough matches. The choices are also various - you can choose a single race mode to get acquainted with the tracks, championship or time trial to improve your driving skills. The game is very nice in the visual department, with very cool animations, like smoke going out of your car if it's too damaged. There is also some realism involved, with your car getting damaged if it gets hit by other cars. The only objection is with the control system, which is a bit over responsive. If you turn left, the car might go a bit too much to the left and so on. The game is great for a few hours, but it is nothing more than that - an afternoon fun. Recommended!

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