BC Racers

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Prehistoric ... racing!

Here's a wacky racing game, the kind that Fred Flintstone would have loved, and, if he were just a little less overweight, maybe would have participated in, hehe! Well, the game offers you a stone and wood and dirt kind of esthetic for the courses, vehicles that use dinos for power or some other prehistoric contraptions, and, also, generally, a fun filled, not too hard challenge for the game at hand. Yep, it's mostly a fun, not too simulation heavy kind of game, and you will definitely love it. Thus, BC Racers is a sure contender to a host of other games such as the ones popular on the Nintendo 64. It's kind of the same 3D world, colorful, with super charged colors and blocky but really well put together bits and pieces. So, yeah, give it a try, BC Racers sure knows how to make itself liked, and until the later stages kick in, which can be really, really hard, the game will offer you quite an alright challenge, to see your fun meter filled! Alternatively, see Super Karts, which takes the races to the modern metropolis, but doesn't abandon the wacky, simple and fun esthetics and mechanics.

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