Toyland Racing

Racing 1999 Windows Dinamic Multimedia Humorous Challenges Go Kart

Looks cheap but plays well; for children

Toyland Racing is a kart like racer, for toddlers or for small children, colorful as they come, with a cartoony, easy to control roaster of cars and cool, interesting circuits. The game maneuvers pretty smoothly, but is far from a simulator. However, its arcade feel is well captured and quite fun, especially the drifting and oversteering bits, which manage to be quite exciting. The characters you'll be playing as look like Toy Story characters, if the detail was taken out of them. So, yeah, it was probably a game that wanted to capitalize on the feature movies success without paying the royalties for the characters. At any rate, it's a well done game for your toddler, and I bet you'll like it just as much, if you have a knack for colorful, funny racers. It's got a feel good vibe going on about it, that is just very well captured and thus, it's a sure win, as I said if you don't mind the cartoony elements or the cheapo looks. Otherwise it's great, similar to Super Karts but even more for children, if that makes any sense!

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