Kick Off 3: European Challenge

Sport 1994 Dos Dosbox Anco Software Soccer

Excellent and versatile football game

The game is unlike many other football games and gives you attractive and elegant isometric views with many competition and gameplay options. 32 teams have been incorporated in the game and the good thing is that they have their own distinct play styles and also feature their key players who have the basic role in shaping the performance of their teams. A team talk feature has also been added which adds a great depth of adventure to the game and also has a role in the outcome of the match. The three leagues or competitions in which you display your skill as a footballer are Anco League, Anco Cup and World cup. You can also challenge all-star Anco team which is really hard to compete. The games gives you two styles of play namely arcade and simulation and both have been excellently incorporated. The controls are supported for a classic and a realistic gameplay and give you a good grip over the ball. Player assessments and other statistical data are also saved as you play along. If we talk about the graphics, they are great and are an upgrade to Sensible Soccer: European champions: 92/93 edition.

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