Kick Off 96

Sport 1996 Dos Anco Software Soccer Tournaments

Kick Off 96 is an average soccer game

Anco Software was known in the 80s and 90s for their football games, but one of the problems of the company was the fact that they wanted to release games on a yearly basis for multiple platforms. This in turn didn't allow them to produce great games, and often times they were shipped with bugs, new versions were very much alike their older siblings, and, for the most part, they didn't sell that well. Kick Off 96 was no different in this particular way of the world. The game was ok, it was playable, but at the same time it wasn't a revelation. You could select a team, order your players around, select the field arrangement that you felt was the best one and then start playing. On the PC the game was ok to control, but it never really managed to impress or to generate a large following. Soon after Kick off 96 appeared, the company produced yet another one in the series Kick Off 97 which was basically the same game with the slightest of changes applied to it. In any case, while not a masterpiece Kick Off 96 is an ok game but given how many more alternatives there are, playing this one is only for the biggest of fans of the series.

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