Striker 95

Sport 1995 Dos Dosbox Rage Software Soccer

Fairly decent soccer game

It is one of those soccer games which made a great impact in terms of graphics at the time of its release because it involves some really good 3D environments which support a real thrilling gameplay. The movement of the players with the ball has been designed with some great animations and the game features about 50 international and national teams. There are 5000 players to choose from and they have their complete profiles and stats. The statistics though do not have a serious impact on the gameplay but they do contribute a bit. The players who feature a low stamina will not be able to run quickly and will also get tired quickly .The A1 is very competitive but can sometime go off colors because it ploys all the players on the offense. This move makes the gameplay play quite easy which is something that is not liked by hardcore soccer game lovers. But still the animations and the moves are very exciting to keep you interested in the game. Similarly the atmosphere in all the stadiums and the variety of troughs make the game even more exciting. The game which I have found more exciting and a good alternate to this one is VR Soccer 96 but this one is also very good.

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