PC Calcio 5

Sport 1996 Windows Dynamic Soccer Team management Tournaments

Get it in there!

This is the fifth entry in a series of Spanish soccer games which tries to take on the likes of Championship Manager, and although it doesn't quite succeed, it does a pretty good job. This edition is more like an update to PC Calcio 4 than a full fledged sequel, so do bear this in mind if you already have the earlier one and are expecting radical changes. As a series, this franchise is mostly concentrated on the managerial aspect of the beautiful game. As such, your focus is on all the details of running your team and bringing them up to the top of the league. You therefore have to make decisions on everything from team selection, to training, to transfers and beyond and everything real football fans could hope for is included here. There's the usual range of teams and modes to try your hand at, and again the game is very pleasing in this respect, with the appropriate players and so on all included nicely. If you are after a different soccer game to the usual suspects, and prefer to take a back seat role, then this makes for a good choice. It's got all the depth that such a game requires, with plenty of options for tactics and so on and which gives it a nice sense of realism and complexity. It's all a breeze to navigate, thanks to the easy to use interface, so would be managers can concentrate on the tough decisions. The visuals are an improvement over earlier installments but fall a little short of the game's contemporaries, but as this is a managerial game, this can easily be forgiven. On the whole, a nice addition to a crowded market.

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