Ishar 3

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Silmarils Strategic scope Medieval

Shandar, the defeated arch foe of Ishar 2 is back!

In Ishar 2, at the end of it, the player (that finished the game!) managed to put an end to Shandar's rule. However, much like the evil Sauron of The Lord of the Rings, he hasn't vanished or disappeared completely. Nope, he was diminished, but not destroyed, and somehow he manages to be back, to put you and your followers back on track for yet another hefty adventure. As the entire series has been, so Ishar 3 too is a very nice, traditional Golden Box like fantasy RPG. Having been released in 94, you can expect a lot more quality from the graphics, but it's still in the area of 16bit DOS graphics, so nothing world shattering graphically. At least your party members have gotten a graphical upgrade in the way their portraits look, with much more detailed production. But, overall, I think that will add to the overall feel of the game only so much. At any rate, it's pretty decent, throughout, the fighting system is approachable and well produced and so is the story. With this third title, Ishar proves itself a mighty serious role playing series.

A masterpiece

This is the last game in a trilogy of fantastic RPG games Ishar that were very advanced for the time - in the early nineties, this game has outstanding 3D grahpics that would put to shame many games that came out years after this one and with surprising detail in a huge world full of endless possibilities. In this third game you have to hunt down the dragon od Sith.In order to do that, you need to cross a series of gates, each one sending you to a different time period. Each period, like the islands of Ishar 2, has its own climate and type of landscape, which are all amazingly detailed and quite beautiful. You can create new characters or import them from older games. The game is played from the first person perspective, which is also quite advanced for the time. As the rest of the series, the game is truly an RPG gem. It's interesting, exciting and quite beautiful. Within minutes you will be caught in the beautiful world of the game and spend countless hours exploring, combating and more. All RPG fans should be aware of this game and in my opinion, it's a matter of common knowledge to own and play this spectacular piece of work.

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