Wizardry 8

RPG 2001 Windows Sir-Tech Strategic scope Myth and legend Medieval Turn based Role playing Adventure Fantasy

An exceptional representative of the RPG genre

Wizardry 8 is a 2001 Role-Playing Fantasy game, an exceptional representative of this genre. If you like RPGs, you will find this 8th game of the Wizardry series full of charm. I played all the games, and they convinced me that Wizardry is one of the most successful and long-lasting RPG series. This game follows the story of the previous game, where The Dark Savant succeeded to grab a device called the Astral Dominae, a very powerful artifact that contains the secret of life. The two races called T'Rang and the Umpani, along with your own brave team of adventurers, will follow him to a place called Dominus. Speaking of your team, you will control a party of up to six characters, in a first-person perspective world, where you will go on quests and fight enemies in order to achieve experience and to become stronger and more powerful. The gameplay and the general interface are well-crafted and detailed at a maximum level. Before engaging in a fight, the player will be able to use tactical approaches and options for the party in order to be completely prepared. The battles are influenced by your preparation. The customizable eleven races are coming back from the two previous games, (elves, dwarves, exotic rawulfs, felpurrs and mooks). A new race comes, named the Gadgeteer. This is the kind of game that makes you forget about stress and other problems, so play it now!

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