King's Quest 1

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Beautiful remake of the eponymous adventure game

Kings Quest was a much loved adventure game originally released back in 1984, but later revamped graphically to better take advantage of the 1990 advances in computer graphics and the better looking VGA and SVGA resolutions becoming more common. Gameplay wise the game is the same sprawling adventure in an enormous setting. You still play as Sir Graham and the royal family of the Kingdom of Daventry is also the focus of the game. The first adventure in the series was very much responsible for presenting the characters that will be more fully developed in the later games, but for now, the game focuses on Sir Graham's quest to locate the three treasures which will aid in saving King Edward. This version of the original revamped the graphics very thoroughly, but the same hand drawn and fable like feel remains. The color palette is much more permissive and makes choice of far less color clashing colors, while the character animations also were redone, gaining more sharpness and clarity. Another very important change was changing the control scheme from a parser text adventure based one to a modern point and click interface. Furthermore, and this showcases the love of the fans for the game, most dialogues are now voice acted while the protagonist is actually interpreted by none other than the original actor who had recorded the then King Graham in King's Quest 5 and 6. Thus, if you wanted to try the original King's Quest but were not a big fan of parsers and text based shenanigans, this Sci remake will prove to be a much more satisfying experience.

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