Kingdoms of Germany

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Realism Entertainment Historical Board games

Not that accurate historically but alright kind of wargame

Kingdoms of Germany looked liked it would offer a more in depth look at the early history of the Germans, but, while some historically accurate elements are there, of the era, the game per se is by no means trying to tell an accurate story of these times. Nope, it is happy to offer you the technology of the time, the kind of political allegiances and possibilities of the era, but that is pretty much it, more or less, because this is not an in depth look at that period. Anyway, if you don't want or expect a wargaming styled retelling of the history of the Germans, Kingdoms of Germany will offer you just enough diversity to offer a nice middle ages type wargame. Graphically the games looks alright, 2D, top down, as one would expect, with alright graphical detail but not much else to be amazed by. In fact, the developers sort of wanted to milk the engine they developed for Vikings by producing yet another game, and it kind of tells... this is your average, alright built strategy, but it lacks personality. So, well, play it, or rather see Vikings; Vikings and Kingdoms of Germany differ ever so slightly, even in terms of the campaigns they pack, so yeah, that should be your tell tell sign that this was more of a marketing push rather than an honest desired and toiled upon wargame.

Become the supreme ruler... of Germany

Kingdoms of Germany is a strategy videogame developed by Realism Entertainment and released in 1994. Also known as Brian Vodnik's Kingdoms of Germany, in the game you play the role of a lord from medieval Germany and fight your way to conquer teritories and become supreme leader. There is no set campaign mode, so it's to you to start where you want and what to take over. You will first select a teritory where you must start (after naming it from the manual) and from there the slow rise of a great kingdom is starting. But don't think that you'll be alone out there. There are other lords who want the same thing as you. Luckily, the gameplay is smooth, the user interface helps you out most of the time and the tension when trying to fight over the territory is quite high.

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