Advanced Civilization

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Ancient civilization builder and war game

Advanced Civilization is a digitization of the tabletop game of the same name, released by Avalon Hill and consisting of two main portion; a building, resource gathering portion with political and economical ties, and the war game, which takes place on the same maps, with the idea being that of trying to be the only civilization standing at the end of the game. It is definitely well produced, well executed, and, for the most part, a really nice, all encompassing game, that has all the necessary elements that are worth putting into the game. It's also more about a balance of power kind of deal than just plowing through the game, taking one civilization after the other; It's not only you that holds the balance of power at hand, it is also the other civilizations; try and conquer them too soon, and you'll see them turning against you; try and stay away from the conflict and the other civilizations will amass more power and become too hard to overcome. It's like a Civilization game in many ways, but the fact that it originated as a table top strategy gives it a certain edge and a certain build that differentiates it from the crowd enough, to make it its own kind of beast, its own kind of game. It really is something else, so give it a try, it will certainly not disappoint!

Conquer the Mediterranean

Advanced Civilization is a quite successful computer conversion of a popular board game called Civilization including the expansion to that game called Advanced Civilization. Both the board and computer version of the game were released by Avalon Hill which later sold all his rights to Hasbro in 1998. This turn-based strategy game is set on the Mediterranean and the objective of the game is to get its population to move from the Bronze age to beyond the Iron Age (very similar to another great strategy game Civilization III). You make cities, expand economically through production and try do sabotage other players in their advancement. Once one or more players have reached the specified age, the game ends and the winner is decided based on a calculation of victory points. The gameplay is very detailed so it will take awhile until you finish, making the game challenging, interesting and fun. The graphics are pretty good, but the gaudy green color of the map is an eyesore. The sounds is very good, but honestly not something that stands out an can easily be disregarded. When all is said and done, Advanced Civilization is an example of a good computer conversion of a board game and one of the best strategy games out there.

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