Captured by Pirates!

Strategy 1992 Dos Historical Board games

Board game emulation about pirate fights!

Captured by Pirates! is a well rounded, board game adaptation of sea battles between pirate ships. Why would the brotherhood of the pirates turn to fighting one another? Well, there are multiple reasons, one can think of, but they're not delved into. Because the game mostly focuses on the actual mechanics and strategy of turn based combat, and lets the reasons and the story behind the power struggle out of it. But, as you'll find out if you download it, this is a pretty well produced game of its kind, nice overall, with an interesting, almost wargame style of tactics, and also with a portion of luck that can decide your fate. But don't think that the one with the most of luck will win. No such thing; the winner is the one that has a more strong strategy, that takes bolder yet calculated ricks and that knows a thing or two more about wind powered ships than the other. Yes, knowing how to use steer a boat form the real thing can give you an additional advantage, though don't think that is absolutely a necessity. Nope, the game has rules that are clear and simple, and the fun is the emergent strategy you can think of. So give it a try. And, if you like it download also Sid Mayer's Pirates, which also adds an economic and an action element to the sea encounter bits.

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