Tomb Raider VI: The Angel of Darkness

Action 2003 Windows Aspyr Media Oriental Shooter 3D action adventure Adventure Platformer

The sixth tomb raider

This sixth game from the Tomb Raider series is the direct sequel of Tomb Raider: Chronicles. Released in 2003 for PlayStation and Windows by Eidos Interactive, continues the story, years after the events of Chronicles. Lara Croft flies from London to Paris (which is terrorised by attacks from a serial killer called the Monstrum that ritually slaughters it's victims). In Paris she initially has to track down the Obscura Paintings that are linked to the Alchemy and the Dark Arts. Much like the previous Tomb Raider games, this one remains an action-adventure within which the player controls Lara Croft as she explores thirty-one levels passing maneuvering carefully across traps and solving puzzles to progress. The new moves included in this game consist of back-flips, small hops, stealth, army-crawling, rolling out of the crouch position, hand-to-hand combat and the super-jump performed while sprinting. This version has a new element that allows the player what Lara says in a conversation. The graphics are slightly better from the previous games of the Tomb Raider series, the objects and body parts of Lara are slightly smoothed. Overall, if you want to complete your plot experience of tomb raider you should play this game.

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