Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal

Action 2002 Windows Russobit-M Oriental 3D action adventure Role playing Adventure Action rpg Rpg

Action and adventure a la Tomb raider

Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal is an action adventure in the same vein as any of the Tomb Raider games out there. It is a well produced game, totally enticing, with a very likeable heroine and a setting that doesn't shy away from doing the most dangerous of stunts. The land of Zanzarath, where she will tgo about aided by the player is a fantasy setting but it also has a dose of Sci Fi. So expect to bump into goblins and the like, but also have to deal with futuristic looking creatures and scenarios. In that kind of respect it kind of takes cues form The Longest Journey, as that one too had a universe with magic and a universe with science. But while in TLJ it was all separated, in here it's more of a blend. Anyway expect both adventure, as in exploration and puzzle solving, but be ready to be greeted by some really interesting action, shooting, running, some platforming and all that. All delivered in clean and very atmospheric graphics, that really make justice to this game. So, yeah, definitely worth its salt.

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