Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business

Action 1998 Windows Eidos Oriental Shooter 3D action adventure

The expanded PC port of the first Lara Croft adventure

Lara Croft's first adventure was initially released on the consoles, the PSX and Gamecube. It would take quite some time for the title to reach the PC, not before the second title had already been shipped on the consoles. But the wait was worth it because this version wasn't just a one to one copy of the console games, nope, it featured both some bug fixes as well as a significant addition of new content, content which ended up making two new chapters in total. And so, if you want to have a taste how the Tomb Raider franchise got started or want to replay the first Tomb Raider title, this is the best way to do it, as the extra content was also a bit harder than the console vanilla version. These 4 extra levels will sport an Egyptian theme in the first chapter and the Atlantis sea theme for the last two. So, what can I say, this is classic third person action adventure at its finest, featuring Lara, the equivalent of Indiana Jones, only much sexier and more athletic! Try it out, as it is really worth it, not just for the extra content, but also for the historical significance the title has had.

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