Tomb Raider

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Eidos Oriental Shooter 3D action adventure Adventure

Action/adventure at its best

This is the game which created a pop culture legend: Lara Croft. Although the series is now nearly twenty years old, it shows no sign of running out of steam, but many gamers will have never experienced the classic which started it all. However, to miss out on Tomb Raider's charms is to miss out on a superb action adventure that holds up well today. The plot sees players travelling around the world, exploring dusty tombs and various exotic locales in their quest to discover the mysterious artefact known as the 'Scion'. While the story may not be overly original, similar to countless Indiana Jones-styles books and movies, it is certainly engaging enough and will entertain players with its twists and turns. Gameplay takes the form of a third person shooter, and while the style may be overly familiar today, at the time it was pretty revolutionary. Tomb Raider is very much action-oriented, with plenty of highly satisfying gunplay to be enjoyed as you encounter the various beasts which stand between you and the artefact. However, adding to the game's appeal are the many cunning puzzles to be solved and the slick platforming sections which harken back to the classic days of Mario and Sonic in their sheer fun-factor. While the game is obviously slightly dated in its visual styling, it still remains charming, but it is in the gameplay where it really shines and it remains as enjoyable as ever. While you might want to steer clear of Angel of Darkness, the low point of the series, Underworld is also a fine game and definitely worth checking out.

Great adenture, Great action, great graphics

This action game series is still underway and is among the very favorite game of users all over the world. Tomb Raider is basically an FPS shooter which involves a great variety in the form of action, exploration, puzzles and a variety of obstacles. The first good feature in the game is the great graphics that were not common in games of those times. You will play as a girl name Lara Croft who is on a mission to discover treasures all over the world and take part in some very interesting combats. You can first start with exploring the mansion of Lara Croft which will enable you to get a grip on the playing dynamics or the controls of the game. Then you can go for outdoor adventures in a third person perspective. The variety of the things to explore in the game is really great and the depth of the level designs is a very vast one. Every mission will make you counter new enemies and there is on repetition of elements. You will also be collecting a variety of power ups and tools and can also lay your hands on weapons and armors. It is classic third person shooter and adventure game at the same time, since you will have to solve challenging puzzles. The latest Tomb Raider: Chronicles is another very good installment you can try to enjoy Lara in most recent adventures.

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