Laser Light

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Pixel Painters Brainteaser

Basic laws of physics apply

Pixel Painter Corp. made a lot of cool games, like Xatax, and most games can pride them selves with very nice graphic detail and long playability. This game is definitely not an exception from that rule. Laser Light is a fun puzzle game that is very easy to learn but very difficult to master. The gameplay is pretty simple. You have a laser point at one part of the board, and various items scattered at the other parts. The objective is to arrange mirrors across the board to reflect the light from the laser to the targeted item. Pure physics and math! It starts pretty slow at first but soon complicates to the point of frustration. There is a decent amount of levels, so you'll be playing the game for a long time. As most puzzle games do, this one is also capable of gluing you to the computer screen for long hours. The graphics detail is very nice, although not extravagant, since there is no need for that. The sound effects are midi and sound pretty nice, if you like that kind of music. Overall, Laser Light is a nice puzzle game that is easy at first and becomes very, very challenging the more you play it. Recommended!

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