Apocalypse Abyss

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Software Visions Brainteaser Arcade style

Top down action; lots of traps

Apocalypse Abyss is a pretty common top down action game, rather unoriginal and in spite of its many traps, not too hard either. It's also very short, so by the time you've grown accustomed to the graphics, you're already have ended the adventure. Anyway, you can see your character from above, and you can kills the monsters. They are pretty easy to tackle, and, in spite of the fact that you have to be careful where you go, as the area is teeming with monsters, you don't face a lot of adversity there; the game delineates the safe areas pretty well, and the environmental puzzles, the like of moving platforms or timing challenges, are very simple, and very easy to avoid. So, Apocalypse Abyss is pretty unappealing. Graphically it looks like a 2D top down game from the NES era, and, overall, it is pretty unoriginal, with no creative sparks or more complex level design. Thus, rather go for Chip's Challenge, yet a top down game, action and puzzle heavy, but lots more original and more meaty with the challenges.

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