The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

Puzzle 1995 Windows Sierra Brainteaser Cartoon

A true brain teaser collection!

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is a bundle of mini8games, all logic, memory, thinking based, that will really see your neurons do a bit of a workout! This bundle is addressed mainly to children, if you are to look at the graphics, which are really colorful and really well put together. But, most of all, The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain, after you get over the colorful presentation will set in for what it truly is: a really well put together, well organized and well built puzzler game, that can give pause to even skilled puzzlers and brain teaser lovers. So, have it in your collection, if you love games that really bake your noodle. In The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain you will tackle math problems, logic conundrums, and many other cool puzzles that are a brain treat. Controls are smart, mouse driven only, and so, The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is a great game in terms of the production value and overall manner in which it is wrapped around. Ultimately, The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is a game that is just a fun collection of problems, like the Super Solvers series, but it truly is a winner in all possible ways.

The name is Brain, Rathbono Brain

This is the third installment of the Dr. Brain series and my personal favorite, with the Castle of Dr. Brain and Island of Dr. Brain being the other two. On a quest to retrieve the lost mind of Dr. Brain, you have to solve puzzles divided into 10 categories, which can be played in any order you please. Each category of the brain represents one of the brain functions, like cognitive thinking, memory, visual management and so on. The puzzles are virtually endless and you'll trust me on that because I've played the game for months without encountering a puzzle that has already been here. The game is also very educational since you learn stuff like notes, chemistry elements, word spellings and there is a nice assistant that is always telling you which part of the brain you're training and how. The humor and witty commentaries are still there, with the doctor being an Yankee cowboy, a New Jersey plumber, an English gentleman, or a German classic composer, depending on which part of the game you are in. The game is entertaining, fun, educational and funny. Higly recommended, especially for children!

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