Puzzle 1995 Windows Berkeley Brainteaser

OK triangle tile ordering/shuffling puzzler

Triazzle is a straightforward recreation of a classic tabletop puzzle. You get a set of triangles, each sporting a different set of engravings (in the game they also come with pictures) and you have to order them, within a limited set of moves, to bring them to a certain order. While in the real world game, you have to order the triangles so that they will match a certain number of numbers, in this game, there is a bit more diversity to it. Later on, the initial type of puzzle also gets a few larger puzzle versions, that ask of you to commit to a more complex set of rules, making the puzzles a lot more complex. But, until you get there, you will have tome enough to learn the basics. In any case, the graphical presentation is more than decent, with vibrant but well chosen colors, a diversity of skins for the triangles and, furthermore, with a lot of different graphical background themes to go about in the game. I recommend this game to those that played it in its real world iteration or to those tile puzzle fanatics that want an interesting game of the genre.

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