Arcade 2000 Windows Vertical shooter

Aerial combat, very loose and freeform; controls easily

AeroStyle is a game that is mostly about air to air battles with planes, and, being a game built and delivered in 2000, it is a charming, colorful and nicely done 3D game. It is a bit cartoonish, but that's for the better, taking a bit of the edge off the very serious conflicts that the game is a house to. So, while I used the term planes, that is not the only kind of aerial vehicle you will be using. Nope, this one also can allow you to control balloons, gliders, too, and the battles that are done with whatever kind of flying vehicles are very satisfying and very well produced, to reflect the particularities of that particular type of flight machinery. The controls are pretty straightforward, with mouse and keyboard controlled aircrafts, but if you use a joystick you'll get a much better grip on some of the actions and thus, be able to perform meaner tricks and emerge victorious. So, all in all AeroStyle is a well paced game, very satisfying to play and, similar to Sopwith, great for short but intense sessions. Have it around for when you feel like a dogfight is what you need to do!

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