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Superbly entertaining shooter

While fairly little known, this deceptively simple shooter is a hidden gem that deserves to be played by any self-respecting arcade fan thanks to its intense blasting action and surprisingly varied gameplay which provides several clever twists on the genre's established conventions. Ostensibly similar to classic vertically scrolling shooters like Xenon 2, Raiden 2 or The Reap, Tyrian introduces players to a plot where the galaxy's best pilot must face off against the forces of the evil galactic mega-corporation MicroSol. Featuring a twisting storyline which involves betrayal, personal loss and of course copious amounts of blasting, Tyrian is a riot from start to finish. It is of course a simple enough scrolling shooter so it is not exactly brimming with depth and complexity but it is supremely enjoyable. There are a number of impressive weapons to have fun with (both front and rear), while you can also customise your ship with new hulls and engines to add even more variety. There are also plenty of impressive bosses to face off against while several modes, including two-player, full story and time-battle sit alongside secret numerous mini-games which are just waiting to be discovered. Visually, Tyrian is highly appealing and just oozes old-school charm, with cool and chunky sprites and environments and lots of slick effects for weapons and other visual touches. The action is fast and furious, with controls that are smooth and responsive and even genre veterans will find a lot to challenge them here. If you're in the market for a proper retro shoot 'em up, this has to be near the top of the list.

One of the greatest horizontally scrolling shooters!

Tyrian (rather the Tyrian 2000 incarnation) became a game featured in the GOG catalogue and for a very good reason. It is one of the most well built, diverse and overall exhilarating horizontally scrolling shooters from back in the day. Sure enough, having been released in 95 must have helped. A lot was learned about the genre by that time, but a lot could have gone wrong just as well. At any rate, the game features well crafted environments, great looking and diversely animated enemies, a host of weapons that produce incredible mayhem both destruction wise as well as graphically. Each stage is very elaborate, at times following a strict pattern, other times breaking the tropes and introducing novel elements, to keep you well engaged and energized. So, if you wanted to experience a game that takes the forward scrolling theme a step further, plays it straight as well as breaking it down, all for your enjoyment. You will get so enticed that a session you wanted to last a couple of minutes might end up eating hours of your time, that's how good the game is. So be warned, this game is so good it can be bad for you!

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