Last Days of Doom

Adventure 1988 Dos Science Fiction

Superb conclusion to an epic trilogy

The Doom series of interactive text adventures continues in this final instalment in this classic franchise. The first two, Countdown to Doom and Return to Doom are superb slices of science fiction adventuring, telling the tale of a lone astronaut stranded on an alien planet and boasting well-written descriptions and challenging puzzles. This episode maintains the high standards of its predecessors and brings the enthralling storyline to a shattering conclusion, making this a must play for fans of the previous instalments. If you haven't checked them out, then do yourself a favour and head back to the start of the story so you can see the whole epic tale unfold from the beginning. To reveal too much of the plot here would be to spoil much of the game's appeal but certain clues can be gleaned from the title, with the world of Doom facing the ultimate disaster and with the player caught up in the middle of it all. As far as text adventures go, this is superb stuff, being well written, with vivid descriptions and characters and a highly intelligent parser system which makes exploring a breeze, even for newcomers. Moreover, the puzzles on display here are equally fine, being challenging but rarely unfair due to illogicality or sheer obtuseness and they should keep even hardened genre veterans enthralled and tested right to the shattering end. There's a sense of dry humour running through it all which makes it even more appealing while the sheer variety of deaths to be experienced also makes for an entertaining game. In short, if you're a Zork or The Mist fan, then you need to play this.

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