Treasury of Zan

Adventure 1989 Dos Graphical IF

Puzzle adventure

It is an adventure which has a fantasy plot and involves a variety of role play elements mixed with puzzles. The plot in the game is not something to get you going. The game also had a previous installment but this time around you will be picked up by some mysterious wizard and taken to a place of mystery and adventure. The game is basically more inclined towards puzzle and the characters have not been focused on much. The puzzles in the game are not much striking because many of them do not give you sufficient evidence or clue about how to go with things. Similarly some of the puzzles are out of place or unnecessary but still some are quite obvious and logical. The game despite the lack of clues is very unforgiving as you get stuck if you do not take the right steps. You will also need to interact with objects and some of them do not get you the right clues. The graphical interface of this game is a standard one but the user interface is pretty much obscure. The controls are well synced but the game is still overall very average.

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