Star Trek - Judgment Rites

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Interplay Science Fiction Action Point and click Simulation Sci fi

Captures the spirit of the series perfectly

Like Star Wars, the Star Trek universe has proved popular ground with video game designers, but like those who have ventured into George Lucas' realm, the results have proved hit-and-miss, to say the least. Fortunately, Judgment Rites stands as a fairly solid entry into the franchise and even manages to improve on its predecessor, 25th Anniversary, providing plenty of enjoyable sci-fi adventure that keeps to the spirit of its inspiration. The original Enterprise crew get involved in a series of eight missions which together form a greater story arc and which see our heroes investigating strange worlds, uncovering mysterious time travel conundrums and facing off against their old enemies the Klingons. In gameplay terms, this one is similar to the earlier game, combining elements of point-and-click adventuring and spaceship sim, as players embark on the various missions, controlling the various characters, while solving puzzles and engaging in combat. Judgment Rites really does capture the space-faring thrills of the original series in great style and is perhaps the most accurate game in terms of the sheer spirit that it displayed. There is a great sense of venturing into the unknown here, while the way that puzzles make use of multiple characters and their abilities makes you remember that it was the characters that made the series so memorable. Visually too, the game is strong, with appropriately alien environments to explore and excellent recreations of the Enterprise and its interiors and which again make the game feel truly authentic. If you are a Star Trek fan, this is a must play but even if you're not, there is enough sci-fi fun to keep you interested and this stands as simply a fine game in its own right.

A good sequel

This game is one of many, many Star Trek oriented games and is one of the older ones. The game is a sequel to Star Trek: 25th Anniversary centered around the Original Series crew and follows its gameplay almost identically, but it is much harder and the plot line much elaborated and more complex. One of the biggest novelties is that the space battle sequences are now completely optional, with adjustable difficulty. The game is as good as its predecessor in terms of intensity, fun and enjoyment factors, although a bit more challenging. The same faults are here too - the dialogues are not so interesting and the space battles have not been greatly improved. The grapchics are very good for that time, and the music is the good old Star Trek music that all Trekkies now and love. The game is very good and I recommend you try it out, and if you're up for more Star Trek games but with a bit different feel, try out Starfleet Command 2. Have a nice time and live long and prosper.

A True Star Trek Game

This is one of the only Star Trek games (Including 25th Anniversary), That really got the feel of being a starfleet captain. You get to make choices, beam down to strange new worlds, and think of creative ways of solving puzzles. In my opinion, the very best Star Trek game ever made.

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