Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Williams Electronics Side scrolling Flight shooter

Horizontal shooter in space, very retro, lots of fun!

Defender is the original that started the horizontal space shooter craze. It has all the elements that would turn it into a success: fast and hard difficulty levels, simple, edgy but evocative graphics, that neon glow to the elements on display, that would send a tube display sizzling, a lot of variety in terms of combat, though the recipe was kept simple: shoot , don't get shot, get all the upgrades. What made Defender as good as it is was the ability to really stimulate you and also to allow you to reach that mindless state of Zen, when a game is that fast and that twitch based that you can't really get away with not paying full attention to it. While I would say that the best of the oldschool era will always be R Type, still, Defender is a game that created the genre, that built the empire and had it see expand in so many directions. Play it, it still packs a hefty punch, it still can make you lose your mind when a lost projectile that you see in the last millisecond manages to hit you, sending you back t the start of the level, with all upgrades off!

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