Last Knight at Camelot

Arcade 1996 Dos Adventure LearningWare Platformer

A good arcade adventure

It is a side scrolling platform game with action and adventure elements. the plot here is that King Arthur has decided to recruit a new Knight in their folds and this is really an honor for whosoever succeeds in doing so. You as the Knight in the game will take up the challenge and will also have to search out the kingdom for restoring the Excalibur which has been stolen by the dwarfs of the Dark knight. Well the theme may feel like you will be doing battles with swords or gadgets but it is not the case because you do not have any weapons to counter the enemies. To tackle them or to counter them, you will either avoid them completely or you will have to jump onto them for defeating. On your adventure, you will find many valuables treasures and teleports along with many other distinct and special items. The game is though not for pure action lovers but is very good in terms of the variety of adventure and you will counter distinct elements at every level. The graphics in the game are also alluring and the controls are smooth as well. It is as exciting as the classic game Hugo.

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