Marshmallow Duel

Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox Anonymous Platformer

A retro battle in sidescroller 2D; marshmallow kills!

Marshmallow Duel is a very cool game, one that has no single player campaign, and can only be played in multiplayer mode between two players. The goal of the game is relatively simple: you have to hurl your opponent in the... marshmallow fields below! No, you're not doing them any favor, because I the universe of this game marshmallow kills!. Now, the art style of the game, who appeared in 97, is a very minimalist retro one. This translates to a game where you basically look at a black background for most of the game an the levels are made of lines. Sure, it's not as minimalist as in the era of the 80s, with EGA graphics, but it's in that ballpark! Anyway, the duelers will use pistols, will use mines and also invisibility for short periods of time to get the best of their opponent. The game is played in rounds, and the winner is the one that manages to throw the opponent down more times. A cool game, if not very long lived. Download Joust too for a similar experience and an overall more intricate gameplay experience.

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