Alien Rampage

Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox Inner Circle Creations Platformer Aliens invasion Action Violent Gore Sci fi

Kill all the aliens!

Alien Rampage is a sidescroller shooter, action game and puzzler, with an emphasis of shooting. The action takes place on a number of alien backdrops, heavy in parallax background works, which give the impression of depth of field, and in terms of style, it all looks like an Alien movie, with lots of dark and dank corridors full of metal and other decor elements of a Sci Fi steam punk nature. The game is pretty much in the style of the 16bit era sidescrollers, so expect a lot of detail, graphic explosions, nice effects and great lighting and other such elements. Also, with the added benefit of lots of monsters and alien creatures, Alien Rampage turns into a veritable hunt game, always exciting, even if after a while it becomes repetitive. There is also a cartoony side to the game, expressed mainly in the dialogues, which, while scarce are quite funny, in a very macho of the 90s way. Play it if you love loaded sidescroller shooters, rather dark most of the time, but with funny elements for good measure, sprinkled here and there. Also, there is lots of gore, if that kind of thing excites you. Otherwise, for a more military themed sidescroller shooter, download Alien Soldier, similar in some ways but different in many others too.

I swear.. It was self defense!

Alien Rampage makes me think of a fun 2D version of Duke Nukem of Doom, with equally bloody gameplay. Our hero (who looks more alien than most aliens) crash lands on a planet full of creatures and whatnots trying to kill him just because he's there. The game has a simple platform gameplay - the alien looking hero is equipped with a cool gun and goes to the end of the level by killing all in sight and turning them into bloody pieces, all in self defense. Yes, you can actually see how the enemies blow up and blood all around. Our hero is collecting coins and health packs while going from platform to platform with some impressive acrobatic skills. The game is absolutely perfect for action maniacs who enjoying nothing more than blowing things up, sounds of explosion and people dying, and especially for those who like those things in 2D graphics. And since I am both of those, I found the game a blast and exciting as hell. The animation is great, the graphics detail also very good and the soundtrack adrenaline pumping. Two thumbs up!

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