Crime Patrol 2

Adventure 1994 Dos American Laser Games Movie style Crime investigation

A game spliced with filmed sequences produced for DVD players

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars is a terrible, terrible game! It's such a terrible game that it deserves a special place in the pantheon of bad games. Mainly because it is extremely low budget, and secondly because initially it wasn't even meant to be a game, but rather, a multimedia interactive DVD experience. But, the game was later ported and released on the PS2 as well as the original Xbox, and so, a PC version was made as well, just in case someone might stumble onto it. At any rate, most of the game you will be watching the horrendous action and at times, just like in the heyday of Laser Disc games, be tasked with selecting what path to take next. But, unlike QTE heavy good games such as Dragon's Lair, that take the same stance on interactivity, this game, Crime Patrol 2 is just too scary bad to even consider. So, be warned, unless you are really under the influence of some narcotics, legal or not, this game will neither be funny, neither will it be weird enough to be worth a go. Instead, just find a Troma Productions B movie and watch it, you'll have something to show for it in the end!

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