Private Eye Mysteries

Adventure 1993 Dos Access Software Movie style Crime investigation Thriller

Adventure focused on the misterious Enigma Society

Not really a find the object game, not really a full blown adventure, this game feels like a casual product with a few more ideas to keep it fresh. In it you get a set piece of around 30 environments which host their own unique puzzles, but also, clues that need solving that will uncover the 4 bigger mysteries that the game is built upon. The game will mainly focus on your perception skills, but basic reading comprehension as well as logic skills will be put to the test as well, as the game is by no means a one trick pony. For instance, after a screen in which your perception is useful, the next one might as well require that you use your reflexes, to get a sequence right in the right amount of time. Therefore, the game can be very entertaining for casual gamers. Much in the same vein as Night Trap game, you are never overwhelmed by the options at your disposal, as you progress through the game linearly and can't really influence the story. But, if you want just a bit more than a spot the differences game, Night Trap will deliver without issues. Also of note, there is an online version of the game, flash, so you might want to give to see if the game fits your taste

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